John Kucera is a spirituality, health and wellness, self-help, and personal development blogger - a freelance writer, content writer, copywriter, article writer, and ghostwriter. Check out my blog to catch me in action. I post articles weekly on practical, real, and lasting techniques for success and transformation.

Content Writing, Copywriting, and Ghostwriting Services

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Don’t be invisible… Let me help you drive the right traffic that converts, and brings awareness to you, or your company!

Hi, I’m John! I serve full-time as a content writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, and blogger.

I help individuals and companies to reach their desired outcomes with entertaining, and authentic content that engages, and inspires.

“At first, I was quite skeptical when I was searching for experts in the meditation field, so I had to hire four, so-called, meditation experts.
I can say that John actually is one. He always made research, communicated with me, and was still the first that delivered the required work. He's really amazing to work with.”
-Ziga Oder, Unify Cosmos / OderMedia

Content is the best advertisement there is…

Content is forever… It’s affordable and it operates around the clock in your favor.

It targets your audience, informs, entertains, and interacts with them for you.

And GREAT CONTENT will generate its intended traffic and move them to take action.

How I can help…

By understanding my clients and their goals—as well as the audience and their needs—I am able to reach the right people with killer content and grabbing headlines that influences the reader to take action.

I have a fluid style and tone. I can pack a powerful message to match any of my clients needs.

“John is very communicative and easy to work with. I gave him a few examples and a basic outline of what I needed and he not only nailed the subject matter but captured the voice and tone I was looking for. The quality of his work and his professionalism makes my company look good to my clients.

I would love to work with John on future projects!” - RK Holmes (Author; ghostwriting client)

Let me be a voice to your brand, product, or service…

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