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Hi, I’m John Justin…

I’m a blogger / freelance writer / content writer / Ghostwriter based in New Mexico, USA. My aim is to facilitate healing, empowerment, and transformation through writing and teaching powerful, ancient, and cutting edge techniques.

This includes: meditations, visualizations, affirmations, energy healing, subconscious reprograming, psychological hacks, the esoteric, and more!

Professionally: I write to help businesses, entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches, and healers; who share similar intention, reach their goals with helpful, entertaining, and authentic content that engages and inspires the reader.

The same industries that I write for, I am also an active participant in - lending an authenticity and credibility to my work.

These industries include:

-Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Occult

-Health and Wellness

-Recovery and Mental Health


-Personal Development

And hopefully yours!