Look, “affirmations for success”, I get it. The word “affirmation” alone is probably enough to make you cringe. I’ll admit that it does carry with it a certain charge—conjured up images of cliché self-care routines. But really what you’re doing with affirmation work is applying “mental sciences” to hack the operating system.

affirmations for success

The Program

By “the operating system” I mean your brain. More specifically, your subconscious part of it; which is the program that’s running (and running the show). This is not a “fringe theory”. It’s accepted by experts in mainstream psychology and neuroscience that your brain runs on a program that’s no different from a computer.

95 percent of what you do, say, think, feel, your behaviors, and decisions are dictated by this program. This leaves roughly about 5 percent of your life that you can exercise conscious control over.

More alarming is that it becomes hardwired in you by the age of 35, as you unconsciously switch over to autopilot, leaving your responses to life conditioned.

But the real kicker?

The program was mostly given to you, installed by those around you in the first 7 years of your life.

Aristotle was famously quoted: “give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man”.

It’s unnecessary to go back into time in the tireless pursuit of figuring out what these programs are in hopes of exorcising yourself of them. Examining your life as it is right now is suffice enough to know exactly what they are.

Your life is a byproduct of these programs.

Going back to revisit old traumas only breathes more life into them. You don’t necessarily have to go back into time to relive your past either. That’s what your subconscious programming is doing for you already. It’s creating more of the past for you—for your future.

Your body (which is the unconscious mind) is content with this since it’s stuck in the past anyway. When confronted with a situation that’s unfamiliar it responds precisely how it’s been conditioned to. This response, and the feelings that accompany it, are byproducts of past experiences that then trigger familiar thoughts, that then trigger more of the same feelings—ad infinitum—which strengthens the conditioning of the body/mind further.

The cycle repeats itself.

The Saving Grace

affirmations for success

Now that I’ve sang this sad song that was about bumming you out, it’s only ethical to tell you at this point that it’s not all storms ahead. You were just never given the correct operating manual. Once you have this manual in your possession it becomes empowering. The entire game changes for you—it gets flipped on its back—and now you’re the operant power.

The subconscious mind will believe anything. It has absolutely no bias at all (unlike your conscious mind). Whatever the conscious mind can impress on the subconscious it will accept.


As Dr. Joe Dispenza says regarding the work that he does with the subconscious: “You move from cause and effect to causing an effect.”

This couldn’t be more correct with affirmations for success.

Affirmations used for success AND MUCH MORE

Out of the many definitions of success, I prefer, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose” (as per Oxford). Success is—or it’s healthier when it’s personal to each individual.

Although, there are the things that are universal to all human beings that could be lumped into this category of “success”, such as:

  • Wealth

  • Health

  • Happiness

  • Relationships

  • Purpose

To name a few.

affrirmations for success

Affirmations applied WITH SUCCESS

With affirmations for success, you’re applying “mental sciences” to impress on your subconscious with your conscious thoughts through repetition.

Repetition is one of the three ways in which the subconscious mind learns. The other two being hypnosis and through trauma (emotional shock).

To spare you any trauma or having to fork over your hard-earned money to a hypnotherapist; I’ve constructed a detailed how-to guide to help you to apply affirmations for success on your own today.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hypnotherapy and its rich benefits. But you do have at your fingertips another crucial, more readily available method of going beyond thought to access your operating system directly: Meditation.

While not necessary for ensuring success with affirmations, meditation does increase your chances exponentially. Meditation puts you in a suggestive state and could be why so many cults are built around it. In a suggestive state your affirmations aren’t met with resistance and thus are accepted.

A morning meditation routine silences the inner critic before it begins. This is the same reason why we kick off our affirmations upon awakening. The earlier you get started introducing a new program, the more time it has to run and install, and the less push back it receives.

“I AM”

affirmations for success

Time is a (helpful) construct of your conscious mind. The subconscious mind doesn’t comprehend the future or the past, it only ever understands Now. Your past will continue playing out as the Now when you’re running old programing. Therefor, Affirmations starting with “I will”, “I am going to”, “I am becoming” are ineffective and are at best: glorified goal setting.

The effective way of applying affirmations for success is always present tense: “I Am”. From a metaphysics standpoint, and perhaps to be taken more seriously, “I Am” is God (whatever your conception of this power may be).

Whatever you attach to “I Am” will take shape and manifest. “I Am” is powerful and creative. “I Am”, or God, creates entire universes.

“I Am” is within you and you are the sculptor of yourself and the creator of your life.

  • “I Am happy”

  • “I Am healthy”

  • “I Am successful”

  • “I Am prosperous”

  • “I Am abundant”

  • “I Am powerful

“I am that, I am”

One belief that your subconscious holds to is that you merely are the body and the mind. You have identified with them so often that through repetition it’s become what you’re exclusively associated with. Don’t feel bad, if you’re a human past the age of 2 it’s par for the course. Through a meditation practice you are able to identify with other, truer-to who-you-are, layers of yourself: awareness and presence.

When you say “I”, you’re referring to your awareness and where you’re placing it.

  • “I feel”

  • “I think”

  • “I dislike”

  • “I love”

  • “I Am”.

When we say “Am”, you’re referring to your presence—your God presence. Whatever we attach to it is powerful. When you say, “I Am”, your awareness is identified as God—the God within (however you personally relate to this).

You can take a couple of moments to explore this for yourself.

  1. First, focus on your breath.

    Letting go of your thoughts and calming your mind.

  2. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll say “I” on the in-breath, followed by “AM” on the outbreath.

    This can be done silently or softly to yourself.

  3. Lastly, take a few moments to explore what type of qualities each word—both “I” and “Am”—has associated with it.

    This is done with your awareness, how it feels in your body, and not with your thoughts; or thinking mind.

If you grasp this, feel it, and know it; it will serve you powerfully in bringing your affirmations to fruition.

We are what we think

It’s not enough to simply state something to make it so. You must think and feel it too. This is one example of how I affirm to generate more thoughts that lead me to the desired feelings…

“I Am successful and I only think successful thoughts.”

Additionally, this indicates that you can add whatever you please onto an “I Am” statement. This is where affirmation work and self-talk becomes fun, creative, and personalized - pointing to it’s potential and limitlessness.

Affirming Prayer

All of your affirmations, as well as your self-talk, can be thought of as “affirming prayer”. But the most powerful affirmations include in them the partnership of the (inner or outer) divine.

Affirming prayer is found in many spiritual traditions and is the corner stone of the New Thought Movement.

affirmations for success

Here are some affirming prayers curtesy of Science of Mind founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes:

  • “I am happy and complete today and forever. Within me is that which is Perfect and Complete. It is The Spirit of all Life, Truth, and Action. I am happy in the sure knowledge of the Inner Light. I cannot be sad nor sorry, but must radiate Joy and Life, For Life is within me now. I am happy and complete.”

  • “My business is directed by Divine Intelligence. The All-Knowing Mind knows what to do and how to do it. I do not hinder, but let It operate in my affairs. It prospers and directs me and controls my life. My affairs are managed by Love, and directed by Wisdom, and they cannot fail to prosper and expand. My affairs are in His hands.”

  • “As Love enters, fear vanishes. I am so filled with Love that no fear can enter my thought. I am not afraid, for I know that a Perfect Intelligence guards and governs my every act. Perfect Love casteth out all fear. I am unafraid and strong in my faith in Him Who keeps me from all harm. Perfect Love casteth out all fear.”

Affirming prayer could be described as; knowing that our affirming statements are true, even if we don’t see the evidence. You simply affirm, feel that it’s so, gives thanks, and go on about your day while believing that it’s done.

Facts are Prison

affirmations for success

Facts are boring. You have enough of them governing over you, dulling your creative senses and masking your ingenuity. Facts dictate what is and what is not possible, leaving you doubtful and forgetting that anything is possible.

My absolute favorite affirmations are the ones that go against all logic and reason. The more outlandish the claims made the better (just as long as you can impress it on the subconscious).

Life rewards the bold, and imagination creates. Everything stems from a thought—including the thought of breaking free from our program.

“Mind is indeed the builder…”

Using statements such as…

“I Am wealthy and successful. I earn a lucrative income from doing what I am passionate about. I use my wealth for the highest good of myself and others”.

…even if you are flat broke with seemingly no prospects, without any passion, or purpose.

And if it’s passion and purpose that you seek…

“I Am in my true place. I Am doing what I love to do. I Am divinely happy. I am divinely prosperous”.

The trick is that your brain doesn’t know the difference. Neither do your body. You end up signaling your genes ahead of our environment - changing who you are at a cellular level (see: epigenetics), shifting yourself energetically, and rewriting your future.

Speaking to the Subconscious

It’s impactful when you make clear before affirming that you are speaking directly to your subconscious mind. Don’t do this lightly, only with intent. You’re creating a hotline to the subconscious by doing this.

  • “I Am now writing in my subconscious mind…”

  • “I Am now letting this sink into my subconscious mind…”.

  • “I Am now programming this in my subconscious mind…”



“Afformations” are affirmations in the form of a question. Afformations soften the resistance, by asking a question rather than making a statement.

  • “Subconscious, why is it so easy for me to generate wealth?”

  • “Subconscious, why do I see opportunity everywhere I look?”

By asking your subconscious mind questions it conditions your conscious mind to look and pick out the answers that will validate them.


It helps to flip the adjective in an “I Am” statement to a noun - to assume the energy of the word itself, rather than the energy of a person who is connected it. The word becomes fully embodied by the affirmer.

  • “I Am abundance”

  • “I Am wealth”

  • “I Am success”

  • “I Am power”

  • “I Am Creativity”

 Stay Mindful, be Faithful

Once knowing this it’s of great importance to be guarded with your thoughts. If you know the power of them to be true then you are less likely to entertain the negative ones - leaving disempowering thinking less pronounced in your life.

At the start of working with affirmations for success, it is normal for your environment to not reflect the statements that you are telling ourselves. Even though the philosophy is that your outer environment always reflects your internal state, the external takes some time to catch up to the internal.

This is where faith comes into play. Sometimes this is where your faith is tested (and strengthened if you are wise). You always remain faithful that what you are affirming is indeed here Now.

Due to the external manifestations of your statements playing catch up to the affirmations themselves, it is expected to have thoughts counter to them. The object is to nip them in the bud - correcting them immediately, giving them no room to grow.

Dr. Joseph Murphy, who is something like an affirmation ninja, couldn’t stress this enough - especially in regard to finance, due to the powerful emotional charge that accompanies those types of thoughts. Dr. Murphy taught that if a thought of lack creeps in, to reverse it immediately—give it no space to plant itself.

For example; if you are making affirming statements about wealth and abundance, yet you have a bill that needs to be paid with no way in sight of how you’re going to pull it off, you would quickly declare:

“The “X” bill is paid. It’s taken care of in divine order. All is well. Thank you.”

If any thought of lack pops up:

“God is the eternal source of my supply. All of my needs are met at every moment of time and point in space.”

You simply move on in faith knowing that all is well and taken care of.

This may sound risky but…

  • It’s beats worrying.

    Operating with the presumption that affirmations, Law of Attraction, and the power of mind are true; you know that worrying only brings the opposite effect than the one you desire.

  • Miracles become the norm when we do the work.

    I’ve tested this personally, more times than I’d care to admit. But I can recall when I had financial issues and barely scraping by is an understatement - exhausting all my options on the physical plane, I was left with no choice but to think and feel in faith.

It’s not up to us how it will take place. Once you’re able to let go is when the answers come and the solutions present themselves.

affirmations for success


We can use affirmations for success to affirm anything: health, wealth, love, character traits, success, material items, peace, serenity, guidance, wisdom—the list is endless.

This isn’t a difficult task and it doesn’t ask much of you, only that you hold steadfast and exhibit some tenacity. What it gifts you with is much more.

Affirmations for success take us from victim to creator.